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this isn't fucking brain surgery

oh wait, it is

21 May
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oh fuck biographies.
absinthe, airplane crashes, ambiguous boys, anglophilia, armpits, art nouveau, audiophilia, being an asshole, biking, biochemistry, boobies, books, boys, britpop, broken glass, carl sagan, carnivores, carnivorous plants, catherine wheel, cats, chemicals, cindy sherman, cooking, cunnilingus, dandy warhols, david sedaris, death, dirty words, disco stu, diurnal hydrophobia, django reinhardt, electroencephalography, entomology, epilepsy, eponyms, evil, fag hags, failing, fake cheese, fencing, fish, fizzy water, fondant, foofy drinks, forensic anthropology, gary numan, geothermic pools, german cars, gothic safari, hardcore, harry shearer, hello kitty, hinduism, hip hop, horror movies, husker du, hyperactivity, iceland, indian food, innapropriate jokes, jack the ripper, john fante, ketchup, kissing a fool, knawing, lefties, leisure reading, lip gloss, london, long beach, los angeles, loud mouths, loud music, masturbation, med school, minutemen, mischief, mitochondrial eve, music, nakedness, naming inanimate objects, neuroscience, nipples, not taking baths, not wasting time, nothing, npr, photography, pirates, pixies, pj harvey, porn, prague, prawn crackers, pwei, reading, red lipstick, rigor mortis, sarin, sassyness, satan, says you, serial killers, sex, shoes, short hair, short stories, smut, social cigarette smoking, sociopathy, sonic youth, spankings, stealing knomes, stem cells, stick shifts, stolen art, straight hair, studying, submission, subtitles, swedish chef, taking the piss, tampons, thanatology, the dog's bollocks, the hidden people, the jam, the kingdom, the simpsons, the sims, the smell of metal, thievery, this american life, thong hatred, tomato sauce flavored crisps, travel, unprofessionalism, velvet ants, vodka, wasting time, water, writing, you