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yay suburban philly voting [04 Nov 2008|04:49pm]
me, after voting: "where are the stickers?"

Poll Lady with Missing Tooth (dental care just isn't very popular here): "this is a swing state-we don't do stickers!"

me: "but it has nothing to do with political party, it's just a sticker that says that i voted!"

PLwMT, not joking: "get out of here!"

i miss California, people.

but yay! 3 more damn commie votes in MontCo, which last time was a republican county.
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writing from the consumate battleground state. [03 Nov 2008|07:39pm]
my whole life i lived in a state that didn't matter much during presidential elections. candidates didn't come here and while it seemed like there were plenty of crazy republicans (especially in hospitals, where mostly rich spoiled men tend to mostly poor brown people and like to bitch about it), we are considered to be as blue as they come.

now here in PA, i know a small handful of people voting for mccain (even amongst doctors) and suddenly i live in a state that matters. even though nearly everyone i know here is voting for obama, apparently the middle of the state is about as racist and conservative as west virginia, which we do border. it's cool to see so many people excited to vote and excited for a democratic candidate (c'mon, kerry sucked. admit it!), but it does seem like the laws are so much against a smooth election.

difference #1:

-absentee voting- in PA you have to have a reason. obviously as an intern i have a good one (i can think of many days where i was at work from before 7am to after 8pm). it seems to be somewhat easy to get the absentee excuse, but the fact that you even have to provide an excuse sucks.  this reason is courtesy of the haji, who always voted ansentee in WA just cuz she wanted to and is pissed she has to go to the elementary school to vote tomorrow.

difference #2:

-first time voters must show an ID and a weird flimsy paper card. in cali, i never did this. i showed up, i voted. then i voted a bunch more times over the next 10+ years. what's the point? as is the case with many things in PA, it just seems to be another thing that is done for no other reason than because that's the way it's done. they like things complicated so they have things to bitch about. see also alcohol procurement and the need to get township permission for a garbage disposal. haha fuck you abington township,  i dare you to come take my disposal! now i'm talking like a native.

difference #3:

-electronic voting thingies. not exactly sure if this one counts, because i don't know if cali is using electronic voting thingies in long beach now, where i always voted. we just poked the paper ballots with either a sharpie like pen or a dull pin thing. we got a stub color-coded to our party that we could tape to our shirts before the stickers came along. now i didn't vote during the primary this year (cuz i was stuck in peoria, il) so things might have already changed, but i do know PA doesn't have mandatory paper trails. i'm considering videoing my vote on my cell.

i hope this turns out and we get rid of this republican bullshit tomorrow. here's to making every vote count. i know i don't need to tell LJ peeps to vote, but remember to get all crazy on your friends, coworkers and neighbors to vote as well.

[15 Jul 2008|09:03am]
yay, still alive. have only had a couple of shifts in the ED because it's the orientation month, but in a couple weeks i start my first real month in the ED.  it's busy and i feel totally stupid, but i think i've done ok taking my newness into account.

we have a computerized tracker, which shows the patient's name, age and chief complaint, which is a direct quote from the patient of why they're here. my favorites this weekend?

"i think i got anthrax at the mall"

"incest bite"

now i just need to find someone to do my hair. the roots are getting really gross.
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[01 Jul 2008|12:29pm]
yes, am alive. not too bad yet but we're on orientation this month so i expected it to be relatively benign.

working a shift tonight. north philly, be kind to me.

[16 Jun 2008|10:07pm]
[ mood | sad ]

in louisville, staying with my buddy who is an awesome singer. she sang recently with elvis costello. no shit.

i'm trying, trying to not be sad about not ending up here. i really wanted it. i tried so fucking hard, but they just didn't want me.

don't get me wrong, philly is awesome. the programs is great, better than louisville's, but i'm just sad because i felt so happy and satisfied here. the big gothic victorians downtown are the best, and there's an energy that is unique to the south, even though this is at the absolute edge of what one would consider the south.

like i said to someone earlier, it's like marrying the person that is right for you when you are still a little in love with the wrong person for you. you know you made the right choice, but it'll feel weird for awhile.

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hello from joplin, mo [16 Jun 2008|06:47am]
[ mood | chipper ]

about to leave here. drove through the scariest fucking thunderstorm i've ever seen in oklahoma, and saw the beginnings of a funnel cloud! prolly gonna be more thunderstorms on the way to st. louis.

justin is a couple hundred miles ahead of me, and his dad had to leave from st. louis this morning because of the truck breaking down and them losing a day of driving, but i'm gonna make sure budget pays for that.

i hope either today or tonight to pull into louisville and have a couple drinks with friends, then leave town with no sadness.

tomorrow, philly, then on wednesday, our new home!


[13 Jun 2008|08:35am]
[ mood | nostalgic ]

so justin just left in a big truck with all our stuff in it., towing his car in a huge trailer behind it.

i'm getting a massage and body moisture wrap (haha, last day in So Cal, so i finally have to use that nice $250 gift cert) and then hitting the road tomorrow morning. it's so weird because i have to fly back next week to ready the cats to be flown to philly. they're riding with ms. jnglboogi and i in the cabin.

as it turns out it costs more than a thousand bucks to fly two cats across the country. but they are 100% worth it.

i'm gonna miss the LBC so much and it feels so alien to clean everything out of the house. but my brother and his girlfriend will take good care of the house and hopefully fix it up more than we have.

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[26 Apr 2008|12:12am]
[ mood | drained ]

so i was just watching tv cuz i'm too cool for school in a friday night and instead of saying "buy factory direct at the jewelery exchange in tustin" they called it "norristown" and i realized i'm in PA and gonna have to stay here.

yeah, still here. supposed to go home on sunday but i'm staying for another week and a half hoping we'll find a house. i'm living out of a suitcase, washing my chonies in the hotel sink. i'm about to give up my privacy and car and start staying with friends to save money.

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[11 Apr 2008|12:25am]
[ mood | amused ]

so like tomorrow is my last day of school and then i'm done forever. i don't graduate until may though.

other than one semester off and one year before med school, i have been in school continuously since i was 5. and i'm about to turn 31.

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[08 Apr 2008|03:38pm]
go on over to mr. wonkyear's journal where you can see pics of our cats response to ducks in the swimming pool. if only we had recorded sarin (the bluish grey colored one) chattering to them. i bet she wished she could swim at this point.
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another dinner post? complete with getting clean and dirty with dr. bronner's? [30 Mar 2008|10:54pm]
[ mood | satisfied ]


grilled salmon marinated in soy pineapple teriyaki from trader joe's

cold zuchinni soup

broccoli slaw

a nice and interesting central cost pinot noir. i'm getting nostalgic for california in small ways now

dessert was hot peppermint sex with the boy. haha we washed that shit off first though because it was make the mucous membranes a bit too tingly.

i think since he's asleep i'm gonna have a food dessert such as moe's bacon bar.

or maybe just a blue ice pop.

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spring elderflower cocktail- what should we name it? [26 Mar 2008|11:28pm]
[ mood | full ]

2 oz. elderflower liqueur, such as st. germain

1 cucumber: peeled, seeded, pureed

squeeze fresh lime juice

1. oz vodka

splash mineral water or soda water

optional: fresh mint as garnish

step 1: elderflower liqueur in glass with ice cubes- any glass you like- martini glass would work nice without ice cubes obviously
step 2: add vodka
step 3: take 3  heaping teaspoonfuls of cucumber puree, strain into glass
step 4: squeeze 1/2 fresh lime into glass
step 5: mineral water
step 6: garnish with mint leave

the drink should create multiple layers which will be quite stable. stir well to mix before drinking, or be like justin and enjoy the savory components before drinking it all together.

info: elderflower liqueur is sweet, with herbaceous, melon-y overtones. it does not taste like flowers or soap or what you might think. we found ours at bristol farms.

served with: lamb burgers with fresh basil. dill, mint, home-made tzatziki, beetroot and spinach salad, grilled corn on the cob with truffle butter

so what should the drink be called?

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i soaked up philly like a sponge! [21 Mar 2008|12:41pm]
[ mood | ecstatic ]

will be moving to philly come june. it was my third choice, but in terms of overall badass-ness, my first choice. loved everything about this place, something that can't be said about either USC or Louisville.

now i have to figure out how to move across the country, buy a house and scrape ice off of a windshield.


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[17 Mar 2008|09:58pm]
[ mood | peaceful ]

From:   NRMP Staff [nrmp@aamc.org]  Sent:   Mon 3/17/2008 8:50 AM
 To:   dr. photic
 Subject:   Did I Match?
View As Web Page

Congratulations! You have matched.

Check the Match Site at https://services.nrmp.org/R3/ on Thursday, March 20, 2008, at 1:00 PM eastern time to find out where you matched. Because you are matched, you will not have access to any information about unfilled programs.

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oh patrick swazeeee [05 Mar 2008|08:27pm]
[ mood | sad ]

damn i'm gonna miss you. i wouldn't wish pancreatic cancer on anyone ever. i can't think of a worse cancer to get.


[02 Mar 2008|12:11am]
tonight we went to a movie (juno, which was too damn clever, exactly as avphibes described, and full of shit acoustic music when i've been listening to the germs and bad brains). i went into the bathroom beforehand, the toilet seat covers were in their little holder, and i could see a word partially covered up by the holder.

it was lavender. i wondered if it was the brand name or if they were scented. so i sniffed.

brand name.
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dreams i've had recently [25 Feb 2008|07:18pm]
-the white cat actually belongs to vuzh, and makes a round trip from colorado every night to come into the house and pee everywhere. in the dream, when i realize it is vuzh's cat, i secretly decide not to kill it. not that i would ever harm an animal in real life, but this fucking cat is on my last nerve for yowling outside our bedroom every goddamn night and making the house smell like piss.

-my ex-boyfriend from high school james and one of his loser friends are back to crank calling me, like almost 15 years later. weird cuz in real life, someone called the house twice last week and hung up, something which hasn't happened to me since i was "going around" with this fool.

-justin and i have a kid ( a thought itself which is actually sad on more than a few levels), and we need to take him to daycare! but funny things keep on happening and he doesn't get to the episcopal/presbyterian/methodist or whatever weird christian daycare center we've signed him up for.  eventually we're in our garage with the baby and it starts putting its mouth on the ground, which is covered with a black fuzzy mixture of dust and oil. we are mock alarmed, but i make a comment on how babies put everything in their mouths and nothing happens and we all laugh.

and one thing that's not based on a dream, although i wish it was. for posterity (and so i'll remember if it
s true), i think i know where i'm gonna end up, and it's not where everyone thinks. this is based on a roxy music song stuck in my head and a "feeling". for those of you who know my list, it's number 4. we'll see though.
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[31 Jan 2008|07:39pm]
so i'm stuck in georgia, both my flights canceled for different reasons. precisely on the night when i kinda needed to come home.

i have to work tomorrow, because i've had 2 days off. i won't be in this weekend, and will be missing monday and tuesday because of my last interview.

my great uncle died, and his funeral is tomorrow. we were close to that side of the family.

but i just happened to be in the hotel as my flight crew, so i got to have dinner with three really nice guys (captain, "F.O." and flight attendant), and learned a ton about flying, particularly in those regional jets for the smaller airlines. they gave me real updates about my flight before delta even knew the info. the captain also got on the phone when they said they couldn't give me a hotel voucher and poof! i got my voucher for the same hotel, not the crappy holiday inn.

it could have been worse.

edit: oh i spoke way too fucking soon. i woke up with little time to get ready before the shuttle left the hotel, and i missed it by like 5 mins. then the cab driver took the longest long way to the airport (believe me, i've been to and from this airport a couple times already) all the while telling me i'll be fine cuz i still got like 15 mins. the whole soithern slow thing only works when stuff doesn't matter like getting to airports on time. i run in there to find myself 4 mins. beyond the 20 min. rule to board the plane and am now on the flight an hour and a half from now. if i'm lucky i'll get to atlanta with time to run as fast as i can to get the flight to LA and get home.

my original flight is still sitting here on the tarmac since i've been writing this. the door is open. it's mocking me.

as much as i would like to curse the cabdriver for driving fucking slower than i've ever seen, i should have just woken up 5 mins earlier.

needless to say i must have a small crazy moment: i hate this fucking life right now. i hate flying, i hate missing shit, i hate not being in control of anything, i hate constantly questioning my self-worth. i don't think i'll want to fly anywhere for a long time.

plane still there, door still open. so close to me yet i can't do shit. fuck.
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[30 Jan 2008|06:46pm]
here in georgia. while eating the pre-interview dinner with residents, i got a note from the waiter. he handed it to me and said to look behind the glass.

the note read:

"i may forget a name, but i never forget a face!"

i looked over and there was a dude i had never seen before in my entire life. he smiled and waved, and of course the residents wondered if i was doing internet porn or something.

then he came over and asked me if i was margie's cousin. i said i'd never been in the area before, and he realized i wasn't the person he thought i was. i asked if i had a doppelganger, and he looked confused.

"oh, i must have a twin?"


i got props from the residents for using the word "doppelganger", which they said isn't used in these parts.

now i must go to bed. i have a super nice hotel room. i drank two glasses of wine at dinner. i wonder if i put my foot in my mouth. most days i am convinced that all i say is complete stupidity and i must learn to just shut the fuck up because i'm making an ass of myself.

[18 Jan 2008|04:17pm]
my sinus infection made itself known by making me deaf for approx. 3 hours while trying to get back from mississippi yesterday.

the boy and i are going to chicago in about 3 hours for a second look. thank jeebus for my wonderful preceptor that wrote for a z-pak and told me to take it to the pharmacy and put it on his tab. i got some sudafed (the real stuff) so i'll be good to go, albeit with a nasty stomach ache and a racing heart.
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